Our Mission

We are a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering others to take back our oceans and inspire young entrepreneurs to start socially conscious projects.


We have two main focuses: sustainability and entrepreneurial education and empowerment.

Our first focus, sustainability, centers on creating sustainable products from ocean plastics, recycled materials, and by other environmentally conscious processes. It is our goal to prevent harmful materials finding its way into our oceans.

At Resist Forty, we believe our ocean is both a privilege and a gift. It was here long before us, and we plan to make sure it will be here long after we are gone. Through the allocation of our time, financial partnerships, and empowering and partnering with other activists, we are committed to passing on our oceans cleaner than we found them.

The second focus, entrepreneurial education and empowerment, involves different methods of content sharing, including our podcast, Resist Forty: Tales of Outliers. We not only want to create something around our passions, but empower and equip others to pursue their passions as well. At the core of our company, and embodying the very principle of Resist Forty, we believe there is always more we can be doing, and we are striving to help others Resist Their Forty.